Yarra Valley Gateway Estate


Coldstream's Gateway Estate, a gourmet farmgate, reopened in December 2022 and has undergone noticeable changes. Have you ever visited this spot on your way to the Yarra Valley?

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The Yarra Valley Gateway Estate is a venue known for its quality food, wine, and fresh produce all in one location.

This establishment offers various fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, wines, and meats sourced from their estate in the Yarra Valley.

 About Yarra Valley Gateway Estate

Yarra Valley Gateway Estate is a winery in Victoria's Yarra Valley wine region.

Yarra Valley Gateway Estate is a winery in Victoria's Yarra Valley wine region. Established in 1993, it produces wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. The winery produces around 2150 cases of wine each year. Visits to Yarra Valley Gateway Estate, where visitors can taste the wines and enjoy other facilities, are welcome by appointment only.

To make visiting the estate easier, book a winery tour Yarra Valley. You'll visit the place and much more.

Yarra Valley Gateway Estate sells wine, liquor, fruit, and beef

Customers can pick their strawberries at an indoor "U-Pick" site. They only pay for what they pick, ensuring they receive the best-ripened strawberries directly from the grower.

At the winery, guests can sample various house-special wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Additionally, they can explore the Farm Gate Shop to purchase exclusive regional products from the Yarra Valley and a selection of fruits and berries.

Visitors can purchase fresh organic bread from the onsite Wild Crust Bakery and various fresh fruit relishes, jams, pasta, and crumbs biscuits.

Visitors can explore the 120-acre farm property with a Farm Gate Shop, walk through the lush grounds, and visit the greenhouse to see the vegetable plantations.


After shopping, you can relax in our cafe, which offers homemade dishes in Gateway's kitchen. Enjoy a coffee or tea and treat yourself to a slice of cake.

Yarra Valley

Karen's soup and beef sausage rolls are popular winter dishes from farm-raised beef. The cakes, scones, and biscuits are also well-loved by customers.

When heading out for a day in the Yarra Valley, take a local produce hamper from Gateway Estate. It's the perfect complement to the region's renowned wines and is filled with fresh Yarra Valley cheeses, breads, biscuits and fresh fruit.