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Established in 1866, Best's Great Western is one of Australia's oldest and most significant vineyards, known for producing world-class wines from the Great Western region of Victoria for over 150 years.


Best's is one of Australia's oldest family-owned wineries, known for crafting elegant and long-lasting wines.

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The Cellar Door at Best's Wines was built in the 19th century and is the heart of their operation. It is housed in the original stables and showcases old winery equipment, maps of the area, and Henry Best's original journal dating from 1866. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the original cellars, which were hand-dug in the 1870s. They can also view the original Nursery Block plantings, significant pieces of Australian wine history. The cellar door offers guests a unique experience.


Best's Great Western is a well-known winery located in the Great Western sub-region of the Grampians. Founded in 1866 by the Best family, it is one of Australia's oldest continuously family-owned and operated wineries. After the passing of Henry Best, the winery was sold to the Thomson Family and is currently managed by Ben Thomson, the 5th generation of the family.

Best's Great Western is known for producing exceptional wines that highlight the region's unique terroir. Their Bin No. 0 Shiraz, made from hand-harvested grapes from some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world, is highly acclaimed for its quality. These ancient vines bring depth and complexity. The Nursery Block, with its 1868 Shiraz and Pinot Meunier plantings, is a notable vineyard resource. The wines from Great Western are unique and individual, characterized by elegance, structure, intensity, and balance.

The Concongella Cellar Door, constructed in the 1800s, is the hub of Best's operations. It is in the original stables and features Henry Best's journal from 1866, along with artifacts and historic family photos on display.

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Visitors have the opportunity to take a self-guided tour of the underground cellars, which were dug by hand in the 1870s. They can also explore the original Nursery Block plantings, essential in Australian wine history. Various tasting experiences, cheese boards, and special events are available for guests.

Best's flagship wines, the Thomson Family Shiraz and Bin No. 0 Shiraz have received high accolades in Langtons Classification VII. Best's Wines is a 5-star-rated Winery by James Halliday and was recognized as the best value winery in Australia in the 2021 Wine Companion.